How to Sign Up on Youtube?

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Are you new to YouTube and want to sign up on Youtube, create channels and post videos on YouTube? Here we explain the step-by-step procedure to follow, read on!

YouTube Sign Up

To sign up on YouTube, you must first have a Google account. Whether you already have it or not, go to and click the Sign In button.

If you have a Google account, sign in by entering your username and password. To do this, click the ‘Create Account’ button and log in with Google.

Using the same Google email address for Gmail and YouTube might be a good idea to make it easier to manage your different accounts. Of course, provided that all these accounts are used for the same purpose (professional or personal) as they will be related to each other.

Fill out the form, click ‘Next Step’, and verify your account with a phone number.

Create a YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube account opens the door to various features. Still, it allows you to create a YouTube channel to group your videos under the same theme, personalize your page, and invite people to follow you on YouTube.

To do this, log in to Youtube and click the ‘Create Channel’ button. Finally, write the channel name and create your channel. To add a video after creating your channel, sign in to your YouTube account and click the ‘Add Video’ button. Then add your clip by clicking the arrow in the middle of the window. Video may be HD but should not exceed 15 minutes or 2 GB.

While uploading a video, you can take the opportunity to edit the publishing settings. Under the ‘General Information’ tab, give your video a title and a short description, and assign some keywords (tags) to it. Use the SEO tricks you know and take the opportunity to link to your website in the description field.

Under the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab, you can select the privacy option for your video, for example. As a business, making your videos public is in your best interest to get maximum exposure.

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