How to Analyze Instagram Page?

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You will have quality information with Instagram page analysis. To the non-expert eye, Instagram can seem like a magical world filled with beautiful images with perfectly matched, coordinated, and homogeneous colors. The wall’s aesthetic beauty is fundamental to attracting your target audience. Using the right presets or knowing the optimal sizes for images can make a difference on your page.

However, for effective communication, it is necessary to analyze the needs and values ​​of your target audience to implement a real marketing strategy, examine the page analysis in-depth, and upload exciting and valuable content. Instagram analysis or Insight tool helps you in this study and analysis phase.

Instagram Insight: All Analysis of Instagram Page

With Instagram statistics, you can learn more about your followers and how your content is performing with your audience, as the official Instagram guide explains. As such, it’s just a section of your account devoted to numbers, all the data, and statistics your activity produces.

Just having an Instagram account isn’t enough to view Instagram Insights. Having a professional account (business or content creator) is required. Switching between personal and professional accounts is essential for those who work with social networks, as the latter helps customers connect with your company.

It’s possible to include various information about your business in the professional account. For example, you can add a phone number, email address, or physical address. With this type of account, you can easily create ads to reach your target audience. Finally, only by having a professional account can you view Instagram Insights, an essential tool for creating an effective growth strategy on social networks.

Insights data is available at three different points in the app. You can see a summary of data about the content you’ve posted in the last seven days on your profile. Instagram has divided the Insights panel into three tabs:

  1. The section where you will get an overview of your page statistics
  2. Content where it’s possible to view statistics on posts, stories, and promotions published in your feed
  3. Public place where you can view statistical data of your audience

On the activity tab, you can find your overall profile statistics and data on reach, impressions, and interactions for the past week.

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